Guarantee conditions

If you have a guarantee claim, please contact the specialist dealer where you bought the trolley.

Please note that your dealer needs the trolley along with the battery, charger and other special accessories to send them to the manufacturer. Please also keep your purchase receipt for this eventuality. KIFFE Golf Manufaktur GmbH grants a 3-year warranty on frames & wheels of all models of the K-Line from 2016. A 2-year warranty is granted on the electronics and the battery. The manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty do not cover wearing parts (e.g. wheels, tyres, operating components, handles and rubber cords) or damage to paintwork.

Batteries are affected by an irreversible ageing process. Deterioration in performance due to ageing is not a production defect. KIFFE’s proprietary battery management system (BMS) maximises the battery life, with careful handling of the battery also helping to extend its life. Please observe the charging instructions as well as the safety instructions and warnings in this operating manual.

Replacement of the trolley or parts of the trolley as well as any repairs carried out under guarantee do not extend the guarantee period.

Fundamental requirements for acceptance of guarantee claims:

The guarantee/ warranty expires:
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