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Brand ambassador
Frank Adamowicz

Germany’s most successful team coach with 9 German national team titles and 10 state championship titles.


“I don’t teach handicaps, I teach people and that spurs me on every day.”

Mr Adamowicz,

You’ve been playing golf for 52 years, played on the tour for 5 years, were a member of the German national team and have been very successful as a trainer and coach for years.

That’s not so easy to answer, because there have been a number of people. Josef Raab, my instructor, had a huge influence on me. He ignited the fire for golf in me and taught me how to say a lot in a few words – and in a way the student understands. Even to this day, I am immensely grateful to Eberhard Stanjek, at whose side I was able to commentate on golf for the ARD Sportschau for 20 years. That activity and the collaboration were quite crucial for my advancement. He gave me the space to grow up.

First, there were my parents. They taught me values and I am hugely grateful to them for that. I also greatly admired Nelson Mandela. I was very impressed by the commitment, even to the point of self-sacrifice, with which he stood up for his goals and values. I have read books by him and about him and was also in South Africa several times during that era.

When you’ve been involved in golf as long as I have, there are bound to have been a lot of happy moments. But when, after a few years, I had the opportunity to play in the German professional golf team (forerunner of Golf Team Germany), that was something very special – to stand on the tee in the official national outfit and play for Germany. And then, through my job, I also had the chance to get really close to some of the greats in golf, for example Seve Ballesteros back in the day.

Well, I’ve got a K5 with a custom paint finish. Bentley blue. It looks simply stunning. It’s so beautiful, visually alone! Of course I think the technology is awesome, too. For example, the slope compensation is brilliant! You don’t have to worry at all or counter-steer on slopes. But I really love the colours, too. You can choose from such a wide range.

For me, values are important and so is tradition. KIFFE is the pioneer among trolley manufacturers. KIFFE has it all. Tradition, experience, top quality and exceptional service. The lines of communication are short and everything is just right. The people at the forefront today have a passion for the company and are doing a great job. We still have a lot more to do, and I’m looking forward to it.

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Brand ambassador
Robert Nussbaumer

Peak Performance Coach
Over 30 years of experience in mental and performance coaching


"The best thing about a positive attitude is that it costs nothing."

Mr Nußbaumer,

You have been working as a Peak Performance Coach for more than 30 years, and have helped countless people achieve their goals and reach peak performance. You have been playing golf yourself since 1998 and are considered a passionate motivator.

I experience the greatest motivation when I can help people make the best of their lives. And this in a holistic sense. There is nothing more satisfying to see and experience than when someone has made their life more fulfilling and successful through their own actions. For over 30 years I have been helping not only top and amateur athletes in this area, but also companies and private individuals.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe at the beginning that it could be so hard to transport a small ball with a suitable club into a not so small hole. What I noticed immediately as a mental coach is the factor that most people only deal with the technical aspects of the game. This is also necessary and without a technical skill set we will never play a successful round of golf. However, most forget that besides these basics, golf is not played on 50, 60 or 70 acres of beautifully manicured landscape, but on an area of only 12 square centimeters. That distance between our two ears. That’s what fascinates me in particular.

An interesting question! In principle, many things are possible in life. Our limits, it is said, are primarily defined by the limits in our heads. From my many years of experience, I know that there is much more to most people than they themselves would suspect. Some would even be frightened if they knew what they were capable of. Therefore, I can answer the question with an unequivocal yes. On one condition: They must be willing to pay the price for this goal. And experience shows that few of us are. Perhaps you remember the popular TV show “Wünsch dir was” (Make a wish) from the 1970s – Dietmar Schönherr and Vivi Bach were the wish granters back then. Unfortunately, our life is not a wish concert. If you want to improve your handicap from whatever level, only one thing helps: Commitment and goal-oriented training. Everything else is wishful thinking.

There is only one word for me: gratitude. Most of us don’t even realize how privileged we are – and that’s especially true for golfers. We are allowed to play this wonderful sport in the great outdoors, on beautifully maintained courses practically all around the globe. We are a minority of only 60 million golfers worldwide. More than 99% of the world’s population does not enjoy this wonderful sport. We golfers can be thankful to be able to practice it because it teaches us essential elements of life: humility, respect, serenity, feelings of happiness – and gratitude. This is incredibly liberating and directs the focus on the essentials in life.

I can call a K6 from the high-end line my own. Technically, this trolley plays out all the refinements that you can only wish for from an e-trolley. Since I am often on the road on courses that are rather steep and hilly, I am particularly grateful for the ability to compensate for sloping positions. In my home club, the jewel of the Alps – Seefeld Wildmoos – these abilities pay off especially.

Firstly, the reputation that Kiffe enjoys in the market as a German quality product. As we know, Kiffe is the pioneer in electric trolleys. The excellent workmanship, the service, the product range and finally the experience with the Kiffe trolleys already made before my partnership led to this decision with a light heart to enter into this partnership with Kiffe. And for that I am grateful!

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